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Habit Breakers

Thumb sucking habit


If thumb-sucking habit persists after adult teeth have erupted, it can drastically change the growth pattern of the jaws and cause significant misalignment of the teeth such as:

     - Open bite

     - Flared upper teeth

     - Narrow and high palate

     - Crossbite of back teeth ("Posterior crossbite")

     - Increased horizontal overbite  


Tongue-thrusting habit


Similarly, tongue-thrusting habit will cause permanent deformation of craniofacial structures and teeth if not eliminated on time.

     - Open bite

     - Flared upper and lower teeth


breaking habits with 

orthodontic appliances


Habit-breaker oral appliances such as "Tongue-crib" can be placed on patients' upper teeth so that patient is continuously reminded of his/her habit of thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting. 

Appliance is used for 6-18 months depending on the progress of habit elimination. Braces can be done simultaneously with the appliance.


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