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Dental Implants

Gum Surgery

Teeth Extraction


Our wonderful Dr. Hyosup Shin makes even the most complicated teeth extraction seem easy. Pulling out teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth and supporting tissues is important for preserving the health of the bone as well as for reducing the pain and swelling after the extraction. Dr. Shin's patients often comment that their experience was the most comfortable tooth extraction experience that they have ever had and that they did not even need to take any pain medications. 

Dr. Shin also does impacted teeth extractions and surgical exposure cases as well. 

Dental Implants


Dental implants are most ideal option to restore missing tooth or missing teeth. When you are planning to extract a severely damaged tooth or teeth, make sure you have conversation with a proficient implant dentist, like Dr. Hyo Sup Shin, because the bone loss after extraction is fastest within 12 months of extraction. Dr. Shin does "immediate implants", which are implants that are placed at the time of tooth extraction. That way, patients do not have to go through anesthesia and the surgery twice. 

There are three general steps to the dental implants:

1. Implant placement

Dental implant is surgically placed, usually along with bone graft to strengthen the bone around the implant. Depending on patient's bone health as well as the different sites in the jaw, healing time for the dental implant is usually around 3-6 months. 

2. Abutment placement and scan for crown

After the healing process is completed (and dental implants are rigid and stable in the bone), the middle part called "abutment" is placed. And then digital scan is taken of the implant site, along with the adjacent teeth and opposing teeth. 

3. Crown placement

Finally, crown, which is the cap on the implant, is placed, and this completes the implant procedure. Now patient has a new tooth in the missing tooth area.  

Gum Surgery

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