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Beautiful natural smile


How do veneers work?


Veneers are thin, tooth-colored caps that get attached to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance by hiding chipping, discoloration, and/or abnormal shapes of teeth. Top 8 front teeth are the most commonly applied veneers.


Initial consultation with Dentist

(30-60 minutes)


Initial records

(30-60 minutes)

  •  X-rays 

  • Photographs

  • 3D scan of your teeth

  • Simulation


Tooth Preparation

(90-150 minutes)

  • Thin layer of enamel is removed

  • Usually 8-10 front teeth need veneers for the best outcome


Temporary Veneers

  • At the time of teeth prep

  • Final check of the new smile before permanent veneer placement


Permanent Veneers

(90-120 minutes)

  • Final adjustment and placement of permanent veneers

  • Beautiful new smile!

Veneers at SmileWorks

1. Digital 3D scan of teeth (no more gooey impression!)

Impressions of teeth are not only uncomfortable for the patients but take more time and are less accurate than digital scan. Digital 3D scan takes about 3 minutes to take and can immediately generate simulation of the treatment outcome of your teeth so that you can see, during the initial consult visit, how your teeth will look after the treatment!

2. 3D X-ray of jaws 

Most of dental clinic only has 2D X-ray machines which show limited view of the teeth. At SmileWorks, we have  3D X-ray machine that can capture more detailed image of the teeth and the jaws for more accurate diagnosis of orthodontic treatment.

3. Treatment with same doctor for entire treatment

In bigger dental clinics, you may see different dentists over the course of your treatment, which may prolong the treatment. At SmileWorks, you will see the same orthodontist that you started your treatment with, so that you can communicate your clinical concerns more effectively and can achieve the smile that you wanted to achieve.

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